Wednesday, April 23, 2008

anOSU now has a player that can beat an SEC team!

Watchout Florida, you better hope that Ohio State isn't there also. Justin Boren has transferred from Michigan to anOSU citing an erosion of family values. And he brings with him a fantastic (for anOSU) high school 40 time of 5.24 seconds which is 7 seconds faster than anyone else on the Buckeyes roster. Michigan fans are doing spin control saying the kids a quitter or the typical scorned lover response, we didn't want him anyway even though the kid was going to start.

All kidding aside the thing that gets me the most is that he is transferring to Ohio State. How can this be? You don't see this with Auburn and Alabama, Army and Navy (they can't), USC and ND (probably too far anyway), or any real rivalry. Yet this has happened atleast three times I'm told with the anOSU UM rivalry. If you claim to be the greatest Rivalry of all time, how can you have kids transferring to your biggest rival?

And now, trapped in an elevator:

Friday, April 18, 2008

Conspiracy in West Alabama?

As seen recently on ESPN, Nick Saban got very upset with Ian Rapaport of the Birmingham News for asking how he was going to get down to the NCAA required 85, Ian wrote about it in his blog.

"Some questions, you can't wait to ask. If a pitcher coming off arm surgery throws a no-hitter in his first start back, it would be fun to ask him, So how does that feel? On the other hand, there are some questions that you simply have to ask. Ya know, because it's your job. Numbers! A lot of times, it's clear that while the answer will be valuable, the process getting there won't be pretty. Your subject might not want to talk about it. Yeah, you might get yelled at. (Not that you mind...) Today, after Alabama's last spring practice, I had one of those situations. One of the big questions, I think, for the off season is how will coach Nick Saban whittle the roster down to just 85 scholarships? There are 66 on scholarship now, and assume 25 freshman will enroll. That's 91. ...."

There are two numbers set in stone: 25 (the maximum number of recruits signing LOI each year) and 85 (the maximum number of players on football scholarships at any time each year). spuat signed 32 players to LOIs in 2008 - that's 7 over the limit! Rapaport stated; "... There are 66 on scholarship now, ..." and $aban didn't disagree. So it's safe to say that was a correct number of spuat players on football scholarships! Add 32 ( number of recruits signing 2008 LOIs) and you get 98 - that's 13 over the limit (max number of players on football scholarships at any time each year). So Rapaport was justifiably responsible in asking how Saban was going to whittle the spuat roster down to the 25 (players signed on National Signing Day) and 85 ( the maximum number of players allowed on football scholarships at any time during a year)!

Of course, Saban 'ducked' the legitimate and pertinent question asked by Rapoport. Also, Saban has had most of spuat's practices closed to the fans and media. Could it be that this is how Saban plans to get around the "25 - 85 NCAA Rule"? If no one is allowed to attend practice, then spuat can exceed the "25 - 85 Rule" and have as many players as they want involved in practice (of course, $aban would only dress out 85 players at game time, giving an appearance of adhering to the "25 - 85 NCAA Rule")! Another version of the old "shell and pea" confidence game, Saban style if you believe in conspiracies.

Of course this can't be true, how on earth could you pull such a thing off? But the bigger question is how in the Hell is Alabama going to get rid of 13 kids? No matter how he does it there is going to be a stink, no matter how much deflecting and sweeping he does.