Monday, September 24, 2007

Week 5 Rankings

The Rankings are starting to shape up, once again I will state that these rankings are designed to give us the best teams in the country at the end of the season, not until week 5 or 6 does it begin to look rational.

3 Oklahoma
4 Kentucky
5 Boston College
7 West Virginia
8 Cal
9 Florida
10 Texas
11 Ohio State
12 Georgia
13 South Carolina
15 Clemson
16 Alabama
17 Wisconsin
18 Penn State
19 Hawaii
20 Rutgers
21 Boise State
22 Nebraska
23 Arkansas
24 Oregon
25 Tulsa
26 Wake Forest
27 BYU
28 Michigan
29 Miami
30 Louisville
31 Mississippi State
32 Arizona State
33 Tennessee
34 Utah
35 Cincinnati
36 Virginia Tech
37 Auburn
38 Washington
39 Texas A&M
41 Purdue
42 Michigan State
43 Missouri
44 Kansas
45 Syracuse
46 Maryland
47 Texas Tech
48 FSU
49 Virginia
50 Georgia Tech
51 Oklahoma State
52 Wyoming
53 Uconn
54 New Mexico
55 Southern Miss
56 Kansas St.
57 Washington St.
58 Troy
59 Illinois
60 FAU
61 Houston
62 Air Force
63 Indiana
64 Central Florida
65 TCU
66 Vanderbilt
67 Oregon State
68 Baylor
69 Western Kentucky
70 Arizona
71 Arkansas State
72 Bowling Green
73 Akron
74 Navy
75 Ball State
76 Ohio
77 Iowa
78 ECU
79 Colorado
80 Northwestern
81 Stanford
82 Nevada
83 Louisiana Tech
84 New Mexico State
85 NC State
86 Pittsburgh
87 Kent State
88 Fresno State
90 Western Michigan
91 Toledo
92 San Diego State
93 Minnesotta
94 Louisiana Monroe
95 Army
96 Buffalo
97 Ole Miss
98 Duke
99 Colorado State
100 UNC
101 San Jose St
102 SMU
103 Memphis
104 Tulane
105 Eastern Michigan
106 FIU
107 MTSU
108 Notre Dame
109 UAB
110 Rice
111 Idaho
112 Miami, OH
113 North Texas
114 Iowa State
115 Utah State
116 Central Michigan
117 Temple
118 N. Illinois
119 Marshall
120 Louisiana Lafayette

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Nothing is new anymore, great ideas just get recycled...

Les Miles keeps alot of sneaky tricks under his child size hat, I thought this one looked familiar.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Week 4 Predictions sure to fail!

8:00 PM ET – Oklahoma at Tulsa (Spread OU -23.5)

- This is a lose/lose game on the road for the Sooners. If they win, no big deal, if they lose BIG DEAL. Tulsa is a solid team with a good coaching staff, Todd Graham was a hot coaching name last year and moves over from taking Rice to a bowl game and offensive coordinator Gus Malzahn comes over after one successful year at Arkansas, and some talented young players like big speedy WR Charles Clay who torched BYU last week for 3 TDs and turned down Arkansas to go to Tulsa??? Oklahoma has to win big in order to impress the AP fat bastards with pens, they won’t do it against the Golden Hurricanes who will keep it within a few touchdowns and make the Sooners look bad for not dominating. OU 49 Tulsa 31

- I see it differently only in the score. All of the points made are very reasonable, but Oklahoma is too strong this year and have the abilty to run away with a game (unlike last year) and prove a point by winning big. Oklahoma 38 Tulsa 7

12:00 PM ET – UNC at South Florida (Spread USF -13.5)

- Can the Bulls ride the momentum from the win at Auburn two weeks ago? I don’t think they will need it at home against an underwhelming but improving Tar Heel team, I think USF wins big. USF 38 UNC 10

- South Florida will continue to ride that momentum right through the UNC defense (sorry Butch, not this time), and I agree with the score USF 38 UNC 10

3:00 PM ET – Air Force at BYU (Spread BYU -9.5)

- Air Force is undefeated this year after walloping S.C. State and grinding it out against Utah (who just beat UCLA I remind you) and TCU. BYU is coming off of back to back tough losses against UCLA and Tulsa after beating Arizona in their opener. BYU has a winning streak against Air Force and is favored here. I’ll take the Cougars BYU 41 Air Force 28

- Having a winning streak against any team is a good advantage (especially at home) and BYU will put Air Force in their place, but a late score by Air Force will make it appear closer than it was BYU 35 Air Force 28

3:30 PM ET – Texas Tech at Oklahoma State (Spread Tech -5.5)

- Oklahoma State got stomped by Troy last week, Texas Tech’s offense is much better than Troy’s, but their defense isn’t. The Red Raiders take a high scoring game. TT 44 Okie St. 31

- No doubt TT will win, but a convincing win just isn't in the cards. Okie State bounces back after being embarrassed, but just can't bounce high enough. TT 34 Okie State 28

3:30 PM ET – Penn State at Michigan (Spread PSU -2.5)

- This was supposed to be a huge game matching top ten teams, now it is an afterthought with Michigan dropping from the Top 5 to no man’s land. I think Michigan is still a good team who got a confidence boost against creampuff Notre Dame last week. Penn State has a great Defense with a veteran QB, but if Henne plays I like Michigan in a close one. Penn State 14 Michigan 13

- I really don't know why I'm saying this, but I disagree by thinking Michigan will win. I know, don't ever pick a team that lost to a 1AA (yeah that's what it is supposed to be called), but I have a feeling they got it in 'em. Michigan 20 Penn State 17

3:30 PM ET – Michigan State at Notre Dame (Spread MSU -13.5)

- Notre Dame may be the worst team in the country, but they have some young talent. I don’t know enough about Michigan State yet, but I know they are pissed about losing that game last year. I think the Spartans show up in South Bend with a chip on their shoulder against the rival Irish. Notre Dame may score a TD this week! But I doubt it. Michigan State 20 ND 3

- As long as Notre Dame continues to NOT score TD's I'm all for that streak to go on. Michigan State (with a chip on their shoulder) 24 Notre Dame 6 (two FG's)

3:30 PM ET – South Carolina at LSU (Spread LSU -16.5)

- LSU has looked unstoppable since halftime of the Miss State game, watching that game I remember thinking LSU may not be that good, then the MSU QB threw 7 interceptions and took the wind out of the sails of what I now realize is a very good Bulldog defense. South Carolina has been winning with smoke and mirrors on offense, and playing some very good D. I think the OBC will have some things up his sleeve this weekend, but the Gamecocks aren’t good enough to beat LSU right now. Unless of course Miles screws it up… LSU 27 SC 17

- I would love to see the OBC walzt into Baton Rouge and pull off the miracle. If anyone has the ability it is him. Unfortunately the Bengal Tigers are waaaay too talented (even with a moron as a coach) to have a close game at home. Tigers run away late. LSU 35 South Carolina 10

3:30 PM ET – Kentucky at Arkansas (Spread ARK -6.5)

- Was last week’s loss to Alabama an aberration? Was last week’s win by Kentucky? Houston Nutt may be losing his team along with his mind. We will find out this week. If the Arkansas DBs can’t find the ball in the air this week (watch the replay of the game winning TD) it will be a long day for the Hogs. I think Kentucky played tense and nervous last week and was still good enough to win. I think McFadden may be dinged up, but Felix Jones is ready to carry the load if need be. Hogs lose a heartbreaker at home UK 41 Arkie 35

- Who doesn't love last minute heroics. Just ask the Wildcats (don't ask the Hogs though). Speaking of moron's as coaches Houston Nutt will find another way to almost lose a game, but he may just squirm his way out of this one. If Arky manages to grind this one out and not throw on 3rd down late in the game they can and will win. Arky 24 Kentucky 17

7:45 PM ET – Georgia at Alabama (Spread ALA -3.5)

- The Tide played very inspired football last week in the win over Arkansas, they came out pumped and jumped on the Hogs early to get to a 21-0 lead that they eventually pissed away. Last second heroics and horrible clock management and defense allowed the Crimson Tide to win the game. Georgia is a great road team only losing two road games to ranked teams under Mark Richt (2003 to National Champ LSU and 2004 to undefeated Auburn) and he should have his boys ready. They have something to prove after the loss to South Carolina two weeks ago. The perennial national title contenders run out of “we’re good this year” juice and the Bulldogs take this one easily after Bama plays it tight for 3 quarters. UGA 31 Bama 20

- I can still hear them partying in T town after Bama's first come from behind win in I don't know how long. Can the momentum carry over or is overconfidence gonna bite them in the butt? Even though Jesus, I mean Saban, is now at the helm The mighty Tide will get washed out by the dogs. Richt definately knows how to coach up a team for a road game and with them keeping the spy's out all week Sabana won't know what to do! Georgia wins in a dogfight 28-24

10:15 PM ET – Washington at UCLA (Spread UCLA -5.5)

- Can UCLA rebound at home after getting embarrassed by Utah last week? Can Ty Willingham continue to embarrass Notre Dame for firing him? The other boys from LA contain the Huskies freshman QB Jake Locker long enough to get a decent lead. UCLA 28 UW 14

- After a complete embarrassment last week it is time for UCLA to bounce back. Ty has shown that maybe he could have done better than people thought at ND, but this week just isn't gonna be it. UCLA get's the butt-whooping monkey off of it's back and wins 31-27

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Monday, September 17, 2007

Charlie Weis is a big fat idiot

Well not exactly an idiot, but he is overrated. I teased at the end of last week that I would put up an article on the Notre Dame coach's overratedness, but the fact the Ohio State walked away rather uneventfully against Washington postponed my fervor. Weis took over a team with a promising young quarterback named Brady Quinn. They quickly started scraping past teams that were close to them in talent and Hey they almost beat USC once! The Irish have feasted on an easy schedule the last two years with a very good QB running the show and making up for their lack of defense. Now in his third year, with 75% of his roster being players he recruited, the ND is falling flat on it's face and getting absolutely dominated by the opposition. They are not just 0-3 they are a baaaaad 0-3. They HAVE been playing good teams, but they look like the keystone cops on offense,

Meanwhile, Ty Willingham has been struggling with a cupboard bare Washington squad, that in his third year has turned it around WITH THE TOUGHEST SCHEDULE IN THE NATION. Willingham was roasted at Notre Dame, will they be as cruel to Weis? I seriously doubt it.

Next week: Urban Meyer is overrated! The master of Trickenometry himself will be outed.
DISCLAIMER!!! - This algorithm is designed to give us an accurate ranking based on a teams merit. Looking at this before October will just puzzle you, but I feel obligated to post it weekly. USF, Arkansas, and Tulsa will all fall once they play a few more games. Right now the computer only has 2 games to base it's rankings on.

Team Rankings
1. USC
2. USF
3. Boston College
4. Arkansas
5. Tulsa
6. LSU
7. West Virginia
8. Cal
9. Texas
10. Florida
11. South Carolina
12. Ohio State
13. Oklahoma
14. Alabama
15. Kentucky
16. Clemson
16. Penn State
18. Wisconsin
19. UCLA
20. Hawaii
21. Louisville
22. Nebraska
23. Utah
24. Oregon
25. Rutgers
26. Boise State
27. Washington
28. Georgia
29. Mississippi State
30. Texas A&M
31. BYU
32. Wake Forest
33. Cincinnati
34. Virginia Tech
35. Maryland
36. Texas Tech
37. Georgia Tech
38. Arizona State
39. Auburn
40. Tennessee
41. Missouri
42. Michigan State
43. Arkansas State
44. Kansas
45. Purdue
46. Miami
47. Indiana
48. Air Force
49. Washington St.
50. New Mexico
51. FSU
52. Oregon State
53. Southern Miss
53. Central Florida
55. Troy
56. Houston
57. FAU
58. Kansas St.
59. Wyoming
60. Arizona
61. Uconn
62. Vanderbilt
63. Ohio
64. Virginia
65. Oklahoma State
66. TCU
67. Ball State
68. Iowa
68. Kent State
70. Michigan
71. Pittsburgh
71. Baylor
71. Stanford
74. Bowling Green
75. Western Kentucky
76. ECU
77. Illinois
78. New Mexico State
79. Northwestern
80. NC State
81. Duke
82. Buffalo
83. Central Michigan
84. Minnesotta
85. Nevada
86. SMU
86. Louisiana Tech
88. UNLV
89. Navy
89. MTSU
91. Fresno State
92. Akron
93. Idaho
94. Colorado
94. Iowa State
96. Louisiana Monroe
97. Colorado State
98. UTEP
98. Ole Miss
98. FIU
101. Army
102. Western Michigan
102. Miami, OH
104. Notre Dame
105. UAB
106. UNC
107. Memphis
108. Utah State
109. Syracuse
109. Eastern Michigan
111. San Jose St
111. Toledo
111. Rice
114. Temple
115. San Diego State
116. North Texas
117. Marshall
118. Louisiana Lafayette
119. Tulane
120. N. Illinois

Friday, September 14, 2007

Saturday's College Football picks

• #46 Oklahoma St @ #81 Troy
ESPN 2 7:00pm

No idea what will happen here, Troy's QB Haugabook has played Arkansas and Florida very tough in the first two games, the pokes aren't on that level yet but the self proclaimed "best offense in football" has to do something at some point to score... I see Troy's hard work paying of here with a close win 28-23

• #55 Miss St @ #25 Auburn
LF Sports 11:30am

Last week I wouldn't have even picked this game, but since the Tigers offense hasn't hit a stride yet under struggling QB Brandon Cox and has struggled mightily in the first two games, I feel obligated. State's defense put up a heck of a fight in the first half of the LSU game before Michael Henig's 16 interceptions destroyed all their confidence. Alot of people see this game as a 9-3 game, but I think Auburn's offense finally gets into a rhythm and moves the ball consistently against the Bulldogs. Sly Croom is a good coach, but they won't take advantage of a downtrodden Auburn team. Quentin Groves will decapitate Henig and the Tigers win 30-0. Watch for backup QB Blake Field to get into the game late NOT true freshman Kodi Burns.

• #29 Tennessee- #12 Florida
CBS 2:30pm
Psssst, I have a secret.... Timmy Tebow can throw the ball... Shhhhh

A disappointing UT team travels to Gainesvegas to take on Timmay and the gators. This rivalry is always close, but barring a miracle from Volunteer Senior Quarterback Erik Ainge (like 315 yds 5 TDs 0 Ints) the gators will take this one. I like the UF defense to actually show up in this game and end Derrick Harvey to have a fun afternoon harassing Ainge. Tennessee just doesn't have the confidence or the team unity to pull this out right now. UT watchs film of the Joey Kent hit and decided to run out of bounds a lot. Gators win 38-14

• #80 Notre Dame @ #94 Michigan
ABC 2:30pm
Cripple Fight 2007

I will wait until Sunday to write an article on Weiss being overrated. Michigan SHOULD be better than this, Notre Dame SHOULD not. I expected a total collapse this year from the Irish after losing Quinn, but Michigan returned a great team of triplets on offense. Henne, Hart, and Manningham were enough star power on offense to distract from an inept defense. I honestly believe (and no i am not a UM fan) that if Michigan plays Oregon first and App st. second, they are sitting at 2-0. Here's my explainaition of the Michigan Blues

Week 1 vs. App State - Michigan shows up arrogant and ready to win an easy one as they look forward to Oregon the following week. App State (2 time defending national champions) show up fired up and ready to play, they knock off the Wolverines in the biggest upset in history.

Week 2 vs. Oregon - the wolverines, very weary from the embarrassment a week before, face a good Duck team. Oregon throws a few hard punches and Michigan crumbles under the pressure.

Week 3 Vs. Notre Dame - They face a team in the same situation, but only alot shittier! Cha-Ching. Blue rebounds big this week against little Jimmy Clausen and his frosted tips. Michigan 49 Notre Dame -2

• #19 Ohio St @ #20 Washington
ESPN 2:30pm
Once again I will hold off on writing about Weiss being overrated until Sunday.

Not completely buying into the hype in Seattle, but i still have this sneaking suspicion that Washington might be good enough to knock off the no-name Buckeyes. I think Washington is playing over their heads right now and I think Ohio State is better than the non-coverage they are receiving. Chris Wells runs for over a hundred and Laurinaitis stuffs Jake in a Locker. Bucks win 24-10, I am getting nervous about this pick.

• #2 Arkansas @ #43 Alabama
ESPN 5:45pm
Skiddish about the Razorbacks since all the offseason turmoil, but they are still better than Alabama. I think Darren McFadden and Felix Jones both have over a hundred and cruise to win in Tuscaloosa. This is matter of Strength vs. Weakness and Strength vs. nothing the hogs don't need to throw the ball (Bama strength is the secondary) because the Crimson Tide's defense is weak up the middle and outside, exactly the way the Pigs like it. On the other side you have a good Bama offense against an OK Arkansas defense. John "Sarah Jessica" Parker Wilson struggled against Vandy last week and he stays in the fog this week as the Tide spins their wheels on offense. The Perennial National Title contenders lose their first game 28-10

• #15 Louisville @ #34 Kentucky
ESPN-Classic 6:30pm
This should be the #1 game on ESPN, but it is relegated to ESPN Classic. Brian Brohm and Andre Woodson will put on a show this week in Kentucky. MTSU torched the Cardinal defense last week, but the Wildcats have been boring in their first two wins. Brohm and Woodson get all the hype, but the household name after this game will be Rafael Little, he runs for 200 against Peanut Whitehead and the Louisville defense. Kentucky wins a 45-42 rather comfortably despite a close late score by Louisville.

• #1 USC @ #17 Nebraska
ABC 7:00pm

I will not write much about this game because I know you have been spoonfed it for weeks.
USC is phenomenal coming off an offweek, thats how they dominate Bowl games (excluding that legendary Texas game) and non conference opponents Nebraska, Arkansas, and Auburn in the last several years. Don't buy into the Cornhuskers upset bid. SC wins 35-17

• #5 Boston College @ #28 Ga Tech
ESPN 2 7:00pm
BC looks good, and Reggie Ball IS gone....

Tech wins at home 24-20

• #57 Florida St @ #84 Colorado
ESPN 9:00pm

Like Auburn, FSU has yet to get a rhythm on offense, unlike Auburn they may not ever do it. They still have enough to win barring some trick plays from Screamin Dan Hawkins. Seminoles take this one 17-13

Gamecocks thumb their nose at ESPN

South Carolina's OBC has made some cracks at Chris Fowler this week for misquoting him on the show. This continues a long line of SC haterade on ESPN. They even created a game for you to throw footballs at Lee Corso (which we all want to do) b/c they are still upset over his comments that the Cocks could not win the SEC in 400 years with tOBC. Some in Columbia think this may damage the chances of Gameday ever visiting again. I think it is another attack by the SEC at ESPN/ABC/Disney/Satan for their bias against the SEC (which they have only partial contracts with). But be careful SEC, don't piss of the Dark Lord too much (you started it Tubby). When your CBS contract is up in a few years, Lucifer may not be as forgiving when you ask him to bring you into the fold.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Thursday Night Game Preview

West Virginia's Mountaineers travel to Maryland tonight to take on the Fridge's Terps. I think West Virginia struggles in the first half and Maryland goes in with a 3 point lead. West Virginia wins this one but, to quote Satan's mentally challenged offspring, it will be "closer than the experts think". The spread on this game is 16.5 and I feel the terps keep it closer than that, and I am not the only one. My prediction is 35-24, but I could see WVU grabbing a cheap TD late to beat the spread. Let the celebration begin.
Ok, so I was wrong, it WAS close at the half, but Maryland was never in this game in the second. Noel Devine put them away with his 107 yards on 2 carries to give him that 53.5 yd per carry average. Remember when everyone said he was too small to play with the big boys even though he was fast? WVU may not be RB U, but they are definetly ATH U

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Week 3 College Football Rankings

Week 3 Rankings from FootballDiet. Pay no REAL attention until Week 5, until then it will just look like mush. These will all change once teams get a few games under their belt.

1. USC
2. Arkansas
3. LSU
4. South Carolina
5. Boston College
tie Cal
7. Oklahoma
8. USF
9. Texas
10. UCLA
11. Clemson
12. Florida
13. West Virginia
14. Penn State
15. Louisville
16. Wisconsin
17. Nebraska
18. Hawaii
19. Ohio State
20. Washington
21. BYU
22. Rutgers
23. Oregon
24. Georgia
25. Auburn
26. Maryland
27. Texas A&M
28. Georgia Tech
29. Tennessee
30. Wake Forest
31. Cincinnati
32. Boise State
33. Texas Tech
34. Kentucky
35. Arizona State
36. Tulsa
37. Central Florida
38. Virginia Tech
39. Missouri
40. Arizona
41. Kansas
42. Wyoming
43. Alabama
44. Iowa
45. Miami
46. Oklahoma State
47. Michigan State
48. Indiana
49. Oregon State
50. Purdue
51. TCU
tie Ohio
53. Northwestern
54. Washington St.
55. Mississippi State
tie ECU
57. FSU
58. Kansas St.
59. Pittsburgh
60. Houston
61. Air Force
62. Uconn
63. Navy
64. Minnesotta
65. Arkansas State
66. Central Michigan
67. SMU
68. UTEP
69. FAU
70. Kent State
Tie Southern Miss
72. New Mexico
73. Idaho
74. Virginia
75. Bowling Green
Tie Baylor
77. Buffalo
78. Ole Miss
Tie Western Kentucky
80. Notre Dame
81. Vanderbilt
Tie Akron
Tie Troy
84. Colorado
85. UNLV
86. Fresno State
87. Illinois
88. Louisiana Tech
Tie Marshall
Tie Stanford
91. UNC
Tie Colorado State
94. Michigan
Tie NC State
96. Louisiana Monroe
97. MTSU
98. Western Michigan
Tie Ball State
100. Louisiana Lafayette
101. Nevada
102. Syracuse
Tie Army
104. Miami, OH
105. San Jose St
106. Utah
107. North Texas
108. New Mexico State
109. Toledo
110. Memphis
111. Tulane
113. Utah State
114. Rice
115. Temple
116. San Diego State
117. Duke
118. Eastern Michigan
119. N. Illinois
120. Iowa State

FootballDiet uses a sophisticated algorithm to rank it's teams and contains no biases towards or against a certain team. The wins and losses are simply plugged into the system that spits out it's rankings.