Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Brian Kelly's Italian hoagies

4 1/2 lb. sirloin tip roast
2 packages of dry italian dressing mix (you can use this)
1 jar mild pepper rings (Banana or you can use Jalepeno)
1 pack of wheat hoagie buns

Place the sirloin tip roast in the crock pot.
Mix the 2 packages of dry italian dressing mix with 2 cups of water.
Pour the mixture over the sirloin tip roast.
Cook on low heat all day (6-8 hours)
Shred the meat
Add 1 jar of mild pepper rings (undrained)to the meat and allow them to warm through.
Place mixture on hoagie buns and enjoy.

Better take some Beano

Use Horseradish sauce, or some of the Special Hot Mustard.

Dawgs wip Gators in (name redacted) party in Jacksonville

This weeks rankings

Rank Team
2 Oklahoma
3 Boston College
4 West Virginia
5 Ohio State
6 Florida
7 Georgia
8 South Carolina
9 Alabama
10 Tennessee
11 Kentucky
12 Auburn
13 Oregon
14 Arizona State
15 Cal
16 Wake Forest
17 Clemson
18 USF
19 USC
20 Kansas
21 Rutgers
22 Uconn
23 Oregon State
24 Michigan
25 Texas
26 Mississippi State
27 Penn State
28 Kansas St.
29 Boise State
30 Maryland
31 BYU
32 Georgia Tech
34 Oklahoma State
35 Hawaii
36 Illinois
37 Virginia Tech
38 Vanderbilt
39 Virginia
40 Wisconsin
41 Washington St.
42 Utah
43 Missouri
44 Colorado
45 FSU
46 Stanford
47 Miami
48 Arkansas
49 Louisville
50 Texas A&M
51 Cincinnati
52 New Mexico
53 Iowa
54 Purdue
55 TCU
56 Notre Dame
57 NC State
58 Troy
59 Nebraska
60 Tulsa
61 Texas Tech
62 Wyoming
63 Central Florida
64 Air Force
65 ECU
66 Houston
67 Fresno State
68 Michigan State
69 Washington
70 Syracuse
71 Arizona
72 Indiana
74 Nevada
75 FAU
76 Ball State
77 Northwestern
79 Miami, OH
80 UNC
81 Louisiana Monroe
82 Central Michigan
83 Bowling Green
84 Southern Miss
85 Western Kentucky
86 Buffalo
87 Pittsburgh
88 Temple
89 Navy
90 Baylor
92 Memphis
93 Louisiana Tech
94 Ohio
95 Army
96 New Mexico State
97 Toledo
98 Ole Miss
99 Akron
100 Arkansas State
101 San Jose St
102 San Diego State
103 Colorado State
104 Duke
105 Kent State
106 Western Michigan
107 Iowa State
108 UAB
109 Eastern Michigan
110 Louisiana Lafayette
111 North Texas
112 Tulane
113 Rice
114 FIU
115 Marshall
116 Utah State
117 Minnesotta
118 Idaho
119 SMU
120 N. Illinois

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Week 8 Rankings

Rank Team
2 Oklahoma
3 Kentucky
4 Florida
6 South Carolina
7 Boston College
10 Cal
11 West Virginia
12 Alabama
13 Ohio State
14 Rutgers
15 Wake Forest
16 Auburn
17 Tennessee
18 Georgia
19 Kansas
20 Penn State
21 Michigan
22 Maryland
23 Virginia Tech
24 Virginia
25 Texas
26 Oregon State
27 Kansas St.
28 Boise State
29 Hawaii
30 BYU
31 Clemson
32 Illinois
33 Georgia Tech
34 Arizona State
35 Oklahoma State
36 Oregon
37 Vanderbilt
38 Utah
39 Wisconsin
40 Missouri
41 Stanford
42 FSU
43 Colorado
44 Texas A&M
45 Arkansas
46 Miami
47 Louisville
48 Uconn
49 Nebraska
50 Cincinnati
51 TCU
52 Texas Tech
53 Notre Dame
54 New Mexico
55 Iowa
56 Purdue
57 Mississippi State
58 Tulsa
59 Air Force
60 Troy
61 Fresno State
62 Washington
63 Michigan State
64 ECU
66 Wyoming
67 Central Florida
68 Indiana
69 Navy
70 FAU
71 Syracuse
72 Northwestern
73 Houston
74 Ball State
75 Bowling Green
76 Miami, OH
77 Washington St.
78 Southern Miss
79 UNC
79 Nevada
81 Arizona
82 Pittsburgh
83 NC State
86 Baylor
87 Central Michigan
88 Western Kentucky
89 Temple
90 Akron
91 Arkansas State
92 Buffalo
93 New Mexico State
94 Louisiana Monroe
95 Ole Miss
96 Western Michigan
96 Army
98 Kent State
99 San Jose St
100 Memphis
101 Colorado State
102 Toledo
103 Louisiana Tech
104 San Diego State
105 Duke
106 UAB
107 Iowa State
108 North Texas
109 Rice
110 Ohio
111 Tulane
112 Louisiana Lafayette
113 Eastern Michigan
114 Utah State
115 Idaho
116 FIU
117 SMU
118 Minnesotta
119 Marshall
120 N. Illinois

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Les Mile's Batshit Crazy Louisiana Gumbo

Les Mile's Batshit Crazy shrimp, chicken, and sausage Gumbo

1 cup of one of the following: Butter, Shortening, oil or other fat (Les likes bacon grease)
1 cup flour
1 chopped medium onion
4 ribs chopped celery
1 chopped bell pepper
1 bag of Frozen okra
4 Peppers (Jalapeno, Chile, Habanero, it's up to you)
1 pound smoked sausage, Andouille or other smoked sausage cut into ½ inch slices (I prefer Conecuh Sausage if you can get it)
1 Lemon
A bunch of Creole Seasoning to your taste.
3 bay leaves
6 cups of water
1 pound boiled chicken, shredded
2 tablespoons parsley flakes (if you like it fancy)
4 chopped green onions (Green stalks only, no white onion part)
1 pound shrimp peeled (size is what you can find for the best price, salad shrimp are usually cheap and are bite size, no need for huge shrimp)
Some file’ powder (pronounced fee lay) this is a thickener, so you could use some flour if you need to.

Combine the oil/butter/yada yada and flour in a large pot or large dutch oven depending on how much you’re going to make, over LOW heat. Gradually sprinkle the hot melted fat with little bits of the flour constantly stir. Stir until it reaches the desired color, which may take from 15 to 30 minutes. You want it to be a caramel color, and you must not scorch it or you will have to start over. The Roux is the hardest part so don't screw it up or Les will poop in your hat.

Add the onions, celery, and bell peppers and continue to stir for 4 to 5 minutes, or until wilted. Add the sausage, salt, creole seasoning, peppers, and bay leaves. Continue to stir for 3 to 4 minutes. Add the water. Stir until the roux mixture and water are all well combined. Cut the Lemon into wedges and toss them in. Bring to a boil, then reduce heat to medium-low. Season the chicken with more creole seasoning and add to the pot. Simmer for 2 hours. Skim off any fat that rises to the surface and rub it on your chest (Les would). About 30 minutes before you remove the gumbo from the heat add your shrimp, okra, parsley, and green onions. When you get ready to serve it find those bay leaves and lemons and pull them out. With the pot now on low heat to keep the gumbo good and warm, look at the consistency and add the File' powder to thicken it. When you are satisfied with the thickness, serve it in a bowl over rice. Or Les likes it over Cornbread.

This recipe makes decent amount. If you’re cooking for larger groups just double, triple, or quadruple ingredients as needed.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

How long is interim?

Tom Osbourne named Nebraska interim AD.
But should he stay on after that? That's up to him I'm sure, I wonder if Nebraska will pull a Dan Snyder and try to make Osbourne the Head Coach.

Notre Dame dropped to 1-6 this past week with their loss to Boston College. One more loss keeps them out of a bowl game, which this commercial tells us, they probably wouldn't win anyway.

Franchione Fired

Fran First to go put in his application.

Multiple reports out of college station today. Chuck Cooperstein in Dallas reports it first, also reported by Roundtable Radio.

Week 7 Rankings

Rank Team
1 Kentucky
2 Oklahoma
5 South Carolina
7 Cal
8 Boston College
9 West Virginia
10 Tennessee
11 Ohio State
12 Auburn
13 Maryland
14 Wake Forest
15 Kansas St.
16 Florida
18 Penn State
19 Georgia
20 Kansas
21 Illinois
22 Texas
23 Virginia Tech
24 Boise State
25 BYU
26 Alabama
27 Oregon State
28 Clemson
29 Georgia Tech
30 Hawaii
31 Wisconsin
32 FSU
33 Arizona State
34 Oregon
35 Michigan
36 Colorado
37 Utah
38 Stanford
39 Missouri
40 Louisville
41 Cincinnati
42 Arkansas
43 Nebraska
44 Virginia
45 Texas A&M
46 Rutgers
47 Tulsa
48 TCU
49 Iowa
50 Texas Tech
51 Notre Dame
52 Mississippi State
53 Miami
54 Oklahoma State
55 New Mexico
56 Washington
57 ECU
58 Wyoming
59 Troy
60 Michigan State
61 Uconn
62 Purdue
63 Air Force
64 Navy
65 Indiana
66 Fresno State
67 Miami, OH
69 FAU
70 Northwestern
72 Arizona
73 Houston
74 Syracuse
75 Vanderbilt
76 Ball State
77 Washington St.
78 UNC
79 Bowling Green
80 Southern Miss
81 Central Florida
82 Nevada
83 Arkansas State
84 Central Michigan
85 Baylor
86 Buffalo
87 Akron
88 Kent State
89 Western Michigan
90 Western Kentucky
91 San Jose St
93 Ole Miss
94 Army
95 Rice
96 San Diego State
97 NC State
98 UAB
99 New Mexico State
100 Louisiana Tech
101 Ohio
102 Louisiana Monroe
103 Duke
104 Temple
105 Pittsburgh
106 North Texas
107 Minnesotta
108 Iowa State
109 Toledo
110 Memphis
111 Utah State
112 Eastern Michigan
113 SMU
114 Tulane
115 Idaho
116 FIU
117 Colorado State
118 Louisiana Lafayette
119 Marshall
120 N. Illinois

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Mid-Season Freshman All Americans from Rivals

Rivals gives us their own freshman all america team which gives us some proof that recruiting rankings don't mean jack.

Position NameSchoolStarsPosition Rank

Sam BradfordOklahoma312

DeMarco MurrayOklahoma42

LeSean McCoyPittsburgh4NR

Michael CrabtreeTexas Tech416

Marcus BarnettCincinnati2NR

Arrelious BennIllinois55

Lee ZiembaAuburn44

Stephen SchillingMichigan52

Maurkice PounceyFlorida415

Clint BolingGeorgia330

Ryan McMahonFSU330

Paul KrugerUtah2NR

Greg RomeusPittsburgh2NR

Marvin AustionUNC51

Scooter BerryWest Virginia2NR

Rolando McClainAlabama42

Lawrence WilsonUConn2NR

Craig StevensAuburn418

Tavious PoloFlorida Atlantic0NR

Chima NwachukwuWashington State2NR

Zac EtheridgeAuburn331

Deunta WilliamsUNC425

Kai ForbathUCLA31

Keenyn CrierArizona0NR

Antonio BrownCentral Michigan0NR

Jeremy MaclinMissouri424

Heres a breakdown
5 stars - 3
4 stars - 9
3 stars - 5
2 stars - 6
0 stars - 3

So that gives us an average of exactly 3 stars, which goes with my theory that you build your program with 3 stars, not 5 stars. BTW a team with an average of 3 stars would barely be ranked in the top 25 in the recruiting rankings.

Best Tailgating list according to ESPN

LINK Jim Caple of ESPN lists his Top Ten Tailgating areas as such.

10. Auburn - How crazy does it get here? A friend recently covered a game on Labor Day weekend. Kickoff was 6:30 and he pulled off the highway from Atlanta at 3:30. He saw the roadside crowded with people tailgating and figured he must be near the stadium. He finally arrived at Jordan-Hare … nine miles later. When he asked the parking attendant at the media lot what time the fans started showing up, the man replied, "Seven in the morning … Thursday morning. And they aren't leaving after the game, either.''

I call Bullshit-nine miles from Auburn's Stadium you're on the interstate, 5 miles from your exit. And the old people show up for SEC games on Tuesday afternoons.

9. Colorado - Trying to decide between Ohio State and Colorado, Road Warrior consulted a friend who attended both. He gives Colorado the nod because of the mountain setting, the better weather and the … ummm, overall "Colorado'' experience. For instance, he swears the PA announcer once made this announcement during a game: "A reminder: It ish unlawful to ( hiccup) conshume aloca … er, acolho … umm, alcoholic beverages (hiccup) at Folshom Field."

Colorado is beautiful, However background doesn't make tailgating good...

8. Army The setting on the Hudson is superb and the atmosphere is special. "They understand it's a game,'' Cahn says of fans at the service academies. "The people realize the young men on the field will fight bigger battles.'' Besides, if you want to tell soldiers with rifles that they don't belong in the top 10, go right ahead.

Once again background doesn't make good tailgating. I can buy this one though having known someone who went there, and all they did was tailgate, because the games are completely worthless.

7. Wisconsin An exception to the weather rule is Wisconsin, where the fans don't notice the cold because their cheese wedges restrict the flow of oxygen to the brain and, of course, all that beer. If you're going to tailgate, better to pick Wisconsin, a state famous for beer, brats and cheese, than say, South Dakota, a state famous for … well, not being North Dakota. Just be sure to leave enough room for the legendary Fifth Quarter.

Now here is a northern school that really gets it when it comes to tailgating, a friend from Alabama is there now and he says its like the SEC tailgates just alot colder.

6. UCLA What could be better than tailgating outside the Rose Bowl on Jan. 1? Tailgating there every home game. (By the way, based on the overall UCLA experience – beautiful students, sun, L.A., beautiful students, athletic legacy, oh, and did RW mention beautiful students? – is there any reason why the Bruins do not get every single recruit they want?)

No California schools should be on this list, they don't care about football let alone tailgate, they have more important things to do. Fans show up at game time and stroll in whenever they feel like it. What a bunch of PC garbage to include UCLA.

5. Penn State It's not enough that State College turns into Pennsylvania's third-largest city on game day (and, remember, we're talking a state large enough to have 22 electoral votes). This 100,000-plus JoePa-Looza is so spirited that the school recently had to ban the drinking of alcohol outside the stadium DURING the game. That's right. So many fans come just for the tailgate that officials had to enact a law to deal with them. They don't call it Happy Valley for nothing.

They probably banned drinking outside the game in order to get the fans in before halftime. Not buying this garbage either.

4. WashingtonThe main tailgate venues are nothing special, but stern-gating is awesome. Sailing up to Husky Stadium while nibbling Dungeness crab or wild salmon and sipping a bottle of Red Hook or a glass of Chateau St. Michelle is college football's finest experience that doesn't include the USC song girls.

WASHINGTON?!? are you kidding me? What do they play at Husky Stadium? Golf? Tennis? Cause it sure as hell ain't football if your drinking wine and nibbling anything other than a coeds unmentionables. Tailgaters don't sip or nibble.

3. TennesseeWith boats able to tie up on the nearby Tennessee River, this offers the Washington nautical experience mixed with SEC passion. Plus, there's better barbecue.

Best tailgate experience of my life was my one trip to Knoxville. Nice people, great food, the river is great with the Vol navy. Partied all night on the river after the game. Can't wait to go back.

2. Ole Miss What RW loves best about the Mississippi campus is that the speed limit is 18, in recognition of the jersey number worn by Archie Manning. Tailgating in The Grove is an experience so sublime even native son William Faulkner would be at a loss to describe it. Hell, The Grove is so wonderful, Commissioner of Tailgating Cahn even plans to honeymoon there (seriously).

Never been to the Grove, but I hear many good things. Plus I met a guy once whose job it was to set up peoples tailgates the minute the school allowed them to. The kid makes bank. Thats dedication.

1. LSU Nobody cooks like the Cajuns. Walking among the tailgaters here is like strolling through one of Emeril Lagasse's restaurants. RW once joined a group serving jambalaya, duck and oyster gumbo, stuffed quail, deer sauce picante, wild duck, cochon de lait, Cajun sausage, crawfish etouffee, rabbit, alligator stew and marinated pork tenderloin. And that was for a non-conference game. More important, LSU plays most games at night, which means you have an entire day to soak it in. The only downside is you may not be able to get yourself into the stadium by the time kickoff rolls around.

Atleast he has this one right, LSU gamedays look like a refugee camp and opposing fans are definetly the enemy. Everyone says Fuck you in Baton Rouge, everyone. So if you plan to attend in anything but purple and gold, be ready for it. It's the first words they teach their kids, i was cussed by several small children. But it really is kind of a "Welcome to Red Stick" greeting. They don't mean it the way civilized folk do, they can smile at you and tell you "Fuck You, we are going to kick the shit out of you today, want something to eat? need a beer?" a different experience to say the least.

So there you have it, a fair, balanced and completely impartial list of the best tailgating campuses in America. By the way, Ohio State fans have no doubt noticed their school did not make the list, despite the 100,000-plus passionate faithful surrounding the Horseshoe each game in one of college football's best and most spirited gatherings. That's because Road Warrior's alma mater recently lost to the Buckeyes and hasn't gotten over it, yet.

Fair and Balanced says it all, "we are required to include Big 10 and Pac 10 teams due to our ESPN contracts" says it better. Don't even try to give me Ohio State, that place is like Vietnam on gamedays.

Here's My Top Ten:

1. LSU
2. Tennessee
3. Ole Miss
4. Wisconsin
5. Auburn
6. Clemson
7. Oklahoma
8. Georgia
9. Alabama
10. Notre Dame - yes Notre Dame, they may not be drinking as much, but they are everywhere and they know what tailgating is all about.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Week 7 Rankings

LSU Moves to #1 this week by virtue of the Florida win. USC only drops to #6 after the loss to the Trees. Kentucky and South Carolina flip-flop.

Rank Team
2 Oklahoma
4 South Carolina
5 Cal
7 Kentucky
8 Boston College
9 Ohio State
10 Tennessee
11 West Virginia
12 Auburn
13 Illinois
14 Maryland
15 Florida
16 Georgia
17 Kansas
19 Texas
20 FSU
21 Virginia Tech
22 Wisconsin
23 Alabama
24 Boise State
24 Stanford
26 BYU
27 Colorado
28 Kansas St.
29 Wake Forest
30 Hawaii
31 Missouri
32 Clemson
33 Georgia Tech
34 Oregon
35 Penn State
36 Cincinnati
37 Arkansas
38 Arizona State
39 Utah
40 Michigan
41 Nebraska
42 Texas A&M
43 Notre Dame
44 Louisville
45 Mississippi State
46 Tulsa
47 Miami
48 Washington
49 Wyoming
50 Rutgers
51 Virginia
52 Uconn
53 Purdue
54 Texas Tech
55 Indiana
57 Troy
58 ECU
59 Air Force
60 Oklahoma State
61 Oregon State
62 New Mexico
63 Navy
64 Fresno State
65 Michigan State
67 Bowling Green
68 Syracuse
69 Arizona
69 TCU
71 Vanderbilt
72 FAU
73 Miami, OH
74 Akron
75 Northwestern
76 Nevada
76 UNC
78 Central Florida
79 Washington St.
80 Western Kentucky
81 Baylor
82 Army
83 Southern Miss
84 Houston
85 Louisiana Monroe
86 Rice
87 Arkansas State
88 Ball State
89 San Jose St
90 Kent State
90 New Mexico State
92 Ole Miss
93 San Diego State
94 Western Michigan
95 Buffalo
96 Central Michigan
97 Iowa
98 NC State
99 Pittsburgh
100 MTSU
101 Toledo
102 Memphis
103 Duke
104 Minnesotta
105 UAB
106 Ohio
107 Eastern Michigan
108 Tulane
109 SMU
110 Iowa State
111 Utah State
112 Idaho
113 Louisiana Tech
114 FIU
115 Colorado State
116 Temple
117 Louisiana Lafayette
118 North Texas
119 Marshall
120 N. Illinois

Friday, October 5, 2007

Week 6 Picks

Utah at Louisville (-14.5)
ESPN 8:00pm
Thor - Utah destroyed UCLA and they should scare the hell out of Louisville tonight. Utah may not win but they definitely beat the 2TD spread. How good was Bobby Petrino? Louisville 41 Utah 35
Paul - Lately it seems that Louisville has fallen on what some would call hard times, but they will finally bounce back with a win, it may not be big but a win is a win.
Louisville 45 Utah 28

Wisconsin at Illinois (-2.5 are you f'in kidding me?)
ESPN 12:00 est
Thor - Illinois is favored in this game which makes me think somebody knows something about Wisconsin. It's no surprise to me that the Badgers are overrated, but Zook's kids won't pull this one out. Wiscy 17 Illini 14
Paul - I may be crazy, but I think Zook is gonna get that shocking win this week-end that will get that monkey off his back. We all know he can recruit, this week-end we find out he can coach. Illinois 21 Wisconsin 20

Kansas at Kansas State (-3.5)
12:00 est
Thor - The spread should be much higher than this, the giant Mangino has put together a solid team of scrubs, but K-State has some serious talent and Josh Freeman should pick the Jayhawk defense apart like Mangino picks a Turkey Carcass. Power towels 35 Kansas 7

Tastes like Turkey

Paul - I agree, even though Kansas is off to a great start who has been their competition?? Kansas St keeps on rollin', 31-10

Georgia at Tennessee (-2.5)
CBS 3:30 est

Thor - Everyone is writing off Tennessee, i think they "Circle the wagons" this week and Ainge torches UGA's hidden weakness; that bad secondary. UT 28 Uga 20
Paul - Another agreement here, it does seem as though everyone has written off Tenn., but UGA isn't that powerhouse that most think they are. Even though Stafford has a wonderful game Tenn., finds a way to win, but close. Tenn 24 UGA 17

Oklahoma vs. Texas (+10.5)
ABC 3:30pm

Drop to your knees and pray to the football gods this is in your coverage area.

Thor - Both teams are coming off a loss and probably pretty pissed about it. Texas has the best defense OU has seen this year and they should coral that running game, which puts things on Bradford's shoulders. Colt McCoy gets his feet back under him this week and has a good day. 10.5 is far too big a spread for a rivalry like this, Sooners win a close one when the Longhorns can't push it in the end zone to win 38-34

Paul - This one may be too close to call. Obviously both teams will be severely pissed about last week, and the only difference may be home field advantage (even though it didn't help to much last week). Texas will FINALLY put together a decent game it what may prove to be an otherwise ugly one. UT 35 OU 28

Virginia Tech at Clemson (-5.5)
ESPN 6:00 est

Thor - Who cares? VT is hella overrated and Clemson's running backs should end this game early and salt it away late. Spiller and Davis both get over 100 yards, but Bowden's ineptness keeps it from being a blowout. Tigers 27 Hokies 10

Paul - Another year goes by, another excuse for VT fans. Shoulda coulda woulda. I agree that this game will be about as exciting as watching a good old game of cricket. Clemson has good RB's, but VT defense should counter that with a gut wrenching win.
VT 17 Clemson 10

Florida at LSU (-8.5)
CBS 8:00 est

Thor - Your Prime Rib for the evening will be overcooked and chewy. LSU could make this ugly and should win big. But I'm waiting for Les Miles to screw it up, and Florida may go on a tear after being humbled by Auburn last week. My Gut tells my Florida, my brain says otherwise. Gooks Tigers 31 Gators 14

Paul - Will this be the second week-end in a row that Tebow will get Tebow-ed? Uhhh, yeah. Tigers at home, Gators exposed. The recipe for disaster is in for Urban, and if it isn't this week-end it will be soon that Tebow doesn't finish a game. Glenn Dorsey is twice the DT that any ONE of Auburn's DT's and he looks hungry for some Gator meat.
LSU 38 UF 17

Ohio State at Purdue (+6.5)
ABC 8:00 est

For the love of God why would you watch this? Turn the channel to CBS!

Thor - Ohio State should expose Purdue for the fraud they are, don't forget Purdue let Notre Dame score 19 points. Remember when Minnesota would go 5-0 EVERY year playing a horrible schedule, get ranked, and then get creamed by the first decent opponent they played and end the season 7-5? Now that's Purdue, see ya Boilermakers. Buckeyes 35 Purdue 1

Paul - I really don't think this will even be a competition. Yeah, Purdue is off to a good start, yeah OSU doesn't look as strong as the last few years, but none of that is gonna matter. OSU wins and wins biiiiig. OSU 45 Purdue 10

Notre Dame at UCLA (-20.5)
ABC 8:00 est

For the love of God why would you watch this? Turn the channel to CBS!
part 2

Thor - UCLA got embarrassed by Utah, now it's their turn to do the embarrassing. The Bruins roll at home over the Irish. UCLA 49 ND 9

Paul - As long as Notre Dame keeps losing I will have a smile on my face. Bruins will roll over the Irish like every other team has so far this year. Notre Dame still has no identity and will continue to wilt away right before our eyes, but they might make it interesting.
UCLA 28 ND 14

Nebraska at Missouri (-6.5)
ESPN 9:15 est

Thor - This is a pretty sweet nightcap you can turn on if the UF vs LSU game is getting out of hand. Mizzou is probably overrated (see Purdue) but they did beat what is turning out to be a good Illini team. Nebraska almost lost to f'in Ball State. I still think the Huskers are better even on the road. Cornshuckers 28 Tigers 27 Take that Missouri fan.

Paul - This could be a fun game to watch. Both teams have potential, but neither seems to be capitalizing on it. Watch out for Missouri, but the Huskers pull it together late and manage to win in a fairly evenly matched game. Nebraska 20 Missouri 13

Thursday, October 4, 2007

South Carolina to win tonight

Kentucky is going down tonight. Kentucky is averaging 46.6 ppg, the teams they played are averaging giving up 36 ppg. South Carolina's Defense is the 2nd best against the pass and are giving up a scarce 15.6 ppg. Also Kentucky's two best opponents Arkansas (give up 41 points to Alabama, 42 to UK) and Louisville (gave up 42 to MTSU and 40 to UK) are unranked. WHile South Carolina's two best opponents are #1 LSU (although a loss) and #12 Georgia. South Carolina will shut down Woodson, as much as he can possibly be shut down, but the Wildcat running game behind Rafeal Little will still be able to move the ball. The Cocks are starting RFreshman Chris Smelley who is South Carolina's only weakness that UK can take advantage of. I think South Carolina leads by a TD or more most of the game until Kentucky scares them late. SC 34 UK 24

Ashley Judd hates those damn Cocks

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Top 8 programs over the last 5 years

Credit to Mackenzie for the research:

I can find 8 teams in college football that won 50+ games between 2002 and now.

#1 - 63 Southern Cal
#2 - 61 Boise State
#3 - 60 Texas
#3 - 60 an Ohio State University
#5 - 58 Oklahoma
#6 - 57 LSU
#6 - 57 Georgia
#8 - 53 Auburn

Here is the number of losses per school to unranked teams (incl 2007 games):

#1 - 2 LSU
#2 - 3 Georgia
#2 - 3 Southern Cal
#4 - 4 Boise State
#4 - 4 Ohio State
#6 - 5 Oklahoma
#6 - 5 Texas
#8 - 6 Auburn

Records against ranked teams:

#1 20-3 Southern Cal
#2 16-5 an Ohio State University
#3 15-5 Texas
#4 13-8 Oklahoma
#5 16-11 LSU
#6 13-9 Auburn
#7 14-11 Georgia
#8 2-4 Boise State (BSU is right, 6 ranked teams in 5+ years and a .333 win%)

Interesting that the teams w/3 of the 4 highest number of games against ranked teams are from the SEC and all 3 are super close to each other in win % (LSU .5925, AU .5909, UGa .56).

Records against Top 10 opponents.

#1 8-3 an Ohio State University
#2 7-3 Southern Cal
#3 11-5 Auburn
#4 5-4 Texas
#5 5-6 LSU
#6 4-6 Oklahoma
#7 3-5 Georgia
#8 0-1 Boise State

Auburn has beaten as many top 10 teams as anyone else has even played.

Interesting tidbit: 6 of these 8 teams have had only 1 head coach in that time and all of them except Texas and Southern Cal have had a 4+ loss season.

Intelligence Conversation

U.S. News and world report top 125 average school ranking
Football record for 2006 on the left, Academic top 125 ranking on the right.

#1 ACC, 12 Schools ranked, avg. of 50
Atlantic Conf. W-L Overall Academic Rank
Wake Forest 6-2 11-3 30
Boston College 5-3 10-3 35
Maryland 5-3 9-4 54
Clemson 5-3 8-5 67
Florida State 3-5 7-6 112
NC State 2-6 3-9 85
Coastal Conf. W-L Overall Academic Rank
Georgia Tech 7-1 9-5 35
Virginia Tech 6-2 10-3 71
Virginia 4-4 5-7 23
Miami 3-5 7-6 52
UNC 2-6 3-9 28
Duke 0-8 0-12 8

#2 Big 10+1, 11 Schools ranked, avg of 51.4
2006 Standings
Big10+1 Conf. W-L Overall Academic Rank
Ohio State 8-0 12-1 57
Wisconsin 7-1 12-1 38
Michigan 7-1 11-2 25
Penn State 5-3 9-4 48
Purdue 5-3 8-6 64
Minnesota 3-5 6-7 71
Indiana 3-5 5-7 75
Iowa 2-6 4-8 64
Michigan State 1-7 4-8 71
Illinois 1-7 2-10 38

# 3 Pac 10-9 Schools ranked avg. of 63.2 2006 Standings
Pac-10 Conf. W-L Overall Academic Rank
USC 7-2 11-2 27
Cal 7-2 10-3 21
Oregon State 6-3 10-4 NOT
UCLA 5-4 7-6 25
Oregon 4-5 7-6 112
Arizona State 4-5 7-6 124
Arizona 4-5 6-6 96
Washington State 4-5 6-6 118
Washington 3-6 5-7 42
Stanford 1-8 1-11 4

#4 SEC 9 Schools ranked avg. of 85.3, 2006 Standings
East Conf. W-L Overall Academic Rank
Florida 7-1 13-1 49
Tennessee 5-3 9-4 96
Georgia 4-4 9-4 59
Kentucky 4-4 8-5 122
South Carolina 3-5 8-5 112
Vanderbilt 1-7 4-8 19
West Conf. W-L Overall Academic Rank
Arkansas 7-1 10-4 124
Auburn 6-2 11-2 96
LSU 6-2 11-2 NOT
Alabama 2-6 6-7 91
Mississippi 2-6 4-8 NOT
Miss. State 1-7 3-9 NOT

#5 Big 12-10 Schools ranked avg. of 84.4 2006 Standings
North Conf. W-L Overall Academic Rank
Nebraska 6-2 9-5 91
Missouri 4-4 8-5 91
Kansas State 4-4 7-6 124
Kansas 3-5 6-6 85
Colorado 2-6 2-10 79
Iowa State 1-7 4-8 85
South Conf. W-L Overall Academic Rank
Oklahoma 7-1 11-3 108
Texas 6-2 10-3 44
Texas A&M 5-3 9-4 62
Texas Tech 4-4 8-5 Not
Oklahoma State 3-5 7-6 Not
Baylor 3-5 4-8 75

#6 Big East 5 Schools ranked avg. of 58, 2006 Standings
Big East Conf. W-L Overall Academic Rank
Louisville 6-1 12-1 NOT
Rutgers 5-2 11-2 59
West Virginia 5-2 11-2 NOT
South Florida 4-3 9-4 NOT
Cincinnati 4-3 8-5 NOT
Pittsburgh 2-5 6-6 59
Uconn 1-6 4-8 64
Syracuse 1-6 4-8 50

The reason the SEC is ranked Higher than the Big 12 and Big East is b/c the top school in the SEC is ranked so much higher than the highest of Big 12, and the averages are very close, and even though the Big East has a high average, 4 of their top 5 schools aren’t even ranked giving us only 4 total to average from, and the highest ranking is only 50. Tempted to rank the Big 10 #1 b/c of FSU’s 112 ranking, but having 2 in the top 25 kept the ACC at #1.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Monday, October 1, 2007

Week 6 Rankings

And Craziness ensues... South Florida moves to number one by a very scant margin.

Wins equal big initial boosts, hence Auburn, FSU, Kansas State, Colorado, and Georgia Tech all leaping into the top 25.

Losses equal the beginning of slow drops, hence Oklahoma, West Virginia, and Florida still ranked high and Alabama still hanging around after two losses.

4 Kentucky
5 Oklahoma
6 Cal
7 Boston College
8 South Carolina
9 Ohio State
10 West Virginia
12 Auburn
13 Georgia
14 Florida
15 Texas
16 Wisconsin
17 Kansas St.
18 FSU
19 Clemson
20 Boise State
21 Georgia Tech
22 Alabama
23 Wake Forest
24 Hawaii
25 Colorado
26 Maryland
27 Nebraska
28 BYU
29 Arkansas
30 Tulsa
31 Illinois
32 Penn State
33 Michigan
34 Tennessee
35 Oregon
36 Miami
37 Louisville
38 Arizona State
39 Rutgers
40 Cincinnati
41 Utah
42 Texas A&M
43 Virginia Tech
44 Mississippi State
45 Missouri
46 Kansas
47 Purdue
48 Washington
49 Virginia
50 Uconn
51 Wyoming
52 Texas Tech
53 Oklahoma State
54 Michigan State
55 Indiana
57 Troy
58 Arizona
59 TCU
60 Bowling Green
61 Nevada
62 Vanderbilt
63 Syracuse
64 Central Florida
65 New Mexico
66 Navy
67 Southern Miss
68 FAU
69 Arkansas State
70 ECU
71 Air Force
72 Washington St.
73 Oregon State
74 Ball State
75 Baylor
76 Fresno State
77 Kent State
78 Houston
79 Western Kentucky
80 Western Michigan
81 Miami, OH
83 Akron
84 New Mexico State
85 Army
86 Iowa
87 Northwestern
88 NC State
89 San Jose St
91 Ohio
92 Stanford
93 Minnesotta
94 Pittsburgh
95 Tulane
96 Ole Miss
97 Duke
98 San Diego State
99 UAB
100 UNC
101 Louisiana Tech
102 Notre Dame
103 Louisiana Monroe
104 Buffalo
105 Toledo
106 Rice
107 Colorado State
108 Idaho
109 Eastern Michigan
110 Memphis
111 Iowa State
112 North Texas
113 SMU
114 Central Michigan
115 FIU
116 Utah State
117 Temple
118 Marshall
119 Louisiana Lafayette
120 N. Illinois

This ranking is an algorithm based on the merit of your wins and losses and is in no way based on opinion.