Friday, January 9, 2009

How did the predictions go?

If you will remember, I didn't officially make as many predictions as
as usual. However, I did have some unofficial predictions like
Marshawn Lynch having a phenomenal fantasy football season and Michael
Turner flopping fantasy wise that obviously didn't turn out so hot. I
also thought the Falcons and Ravens were morons for starting their
rookie quarterbacks. Here is another prediction that was not so good for me.

"Mike Tomlin will come under heavy fire from the fans"

You will remember this was actually more about the Steelers tough
schedule than poor coaching by Tomlin. Regardless, the prediction
flopped. I think my other four predictions turned out pretty well.
You guys can make the call.

"The Tennessee Titans will lead the NFL in rushing yards"

"New Orleans Saints 2008 offense = New England Patriots 2007"

"A defensive lineman will win the defensive player of the year award"

"At least two second-year safeties will make the Pro Bowl"

Vince Young factored into my rushing yards equation but he was benched
in favor of Kerry Collins. So that prediction was okay. I also
didn't predict the Titans offensive line would pull a San Diego and
suddenly turn into a much better pass blocking than run blocking unit.
Had the Saints offense not suffered so many injuries I feel extremely
confident that prediction would have come true. Ed Reed, DeMarcus
Ware, or James Harrison may win the defensive player of the year award
but I think it's pretty safe to say this has been a very good year for
star defensive linemen. And while my second-year safeties prediction
fell short, no one questions Michael Griffin turned in a Pro Bowl
caliber season. Brandon Merriweather played well too and who could
have guessed that LaRon Landry, Reggie Nelson, and Eric Weddle would
badly regress as a group this season. That was very odd.

I was also right to predict the Titans and Panthers making the
playoffs, both of which were quite controversial picks at the time. I
was also right to pick Minnesota to win their division and the Eagles
to claim a wild card spot. Not placing Dallas as the #1 seed in the
NFC and predicting they wouldn't win a playoff game was good, even if
my #1 seed was the Saints. I was way way off about the Giants and
Browns. I actually pride myself in putting the Jaguars as the #5 seed
in the AFC playoffs considering the level of hype surrounding this
team in the preseason.

My list of obscure NFL players that will make or break the 2008 season
fell flat for the most part but I did get a couple players right in
LaMarr Woodley, Jason Jones, and Ryan Kalil. Many of the players who
flopped were playing for teams that turned out to be horrendous

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